Experience these mighty giants up close; their sheer size is sure to impress.

Sail with us in awe, past icebergs made from ancient, densely-packed ice on our Award Winning Boat Tour. Listen as they flounder, calve, and roll right before your very eyes. Every Iceberg is unique, calving off of glaciers into pinnacle, wedge, and tabular shapes. Our favourite “bergs” are the talk of the world. You may even get to sample a bergy bit—the most pristine water on earth, frozen 10,000 years ago.

From the earliest recorded human journeys into the North Atlantic, icebergs challenged mariners. But the tale of these awesome moving mountains of ice has many exciting chapters. Icebergs have sheltered vessels in storms, towed sailing ships against the wind, and cleared paths through sea ice for mariners.

Approximately 40,000 of these massive blocks of ice are calved annually by the glaciers of Western Greenland. Many of them will eventually drift past the northeast coast of Newfoundland, many visible from land.

*Icebergs do not frequent our waters every year. Typically the best viewing time is from mid-May until early June. Visit icebergfinder.com for the latest sightings or give us a call to see if there are any in our area (709) 753-4850.

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