Each year we patiently (or perhaps a little impatiently) await the return of the largest population of Humpback whales. In addition to the Humpback our waters are a feeding ground for 21 other species of whales, including Killer (Orca), Blue and Minke. The most common sightings here in Bay Bulls and Witless Bay are Humpback and Minke whales, with Orca, Blue and Sperm sightings happening less frequently.

Their arrival is typically between mid-June to early July, around the time that large schools of Capelin move in along our coast to spawn. The Capelin arrival is not only an exciting time for the whales but also for the seabirds that nest at the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, as well as people who enjoy catching them when they roll onto the beaches.

This season was a little different as there was a juvenile Humpback whale in the harbour of Bay Bulls on May 1st and it stuck around for a few weeks, feeding on Herring.

Humpback-whale-bay-bulls-newfoundland whale-watching-newfoundland

Photos above by guest Tammy- taken on the first tour of the season.

Over the past couple of weeks’ sightings have been increasing and we are now into the peak whale watching season. Guests on board have been enjoying their interaction with the Humpback whales as they breach, lobtail, and slap their pectoral fins, all forms of non-verbal communication.

Humpback whales are very curious mammals and frequently come over to our vessel to check it out and those on board, often spyhopping to get an up-close look.

whale-watching-nfld whale-watching-newfoundland whale-watch-boat-tour-obriens

The most active and eager to put on a show are the young calves, showing off their acrobatic moves for mom and our guests, who give their undivided attention.

Here are a few pictures that have been taken so far this season, and this is only the beginning. Check back soon for more!

whale-tours-newfoundland whale-whale-nl

Join us on our Award Winning Boat Tour to experience these beautiful mammals for yourself or for the more adventurous hop aboard our Coastal Adventure- Kingfisher Tour, for a more up-close and personal experience. Both are sure to provide lifelong memories.

*Note sightings cannot be guaranteed as we are dealing with Mother Nature. Based on our 32 years’ experience sightings are highest from mid-June until mid-August.

humpback-whale-spyhop-newfoundland Humpback-whale-breach-obriens-boat-tours